Christiane Huber

  • Graduate psychologist (LMU Munich)
  • Master of Fine Arts (Bard College, NY/USA)
  • Further training in acting (J. Schölch, C.v. Seherr-Toss Bavarian Theatre Academy)
  • Management of participatory art projects
  • director for performance, theatre, documentary film (including Kammerspiele Munich)
  • Improvisation training (Fast Food, Johnstone)
  • Advanced training in process-oriented psychology (A. Mindell, Max Schupbach)
  • Studies in deep psychological psychotherapy
  • Management of workshops for the promotion of creativity, including the University of Film and Television, University of St. Gallen, DOK.fest Munich
  • Collaboration in artistic collectives and international networks in Germany, Belgium, Israel democraticArts, radical_hope, Büro für Erinnerung
  • Topics such as sustainability, climate protection, gender and diversity are as close to my heart as an open, appreciative and respectful interaction with each other.
  • As training for communication in an emergency or for joyful self-expression, I recommend yodeling with me on a mountain or in the city: Ho-la-da Hui-di-ri!!
  • For VitaminT since 2006.

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