Nina Kapust

    • Studies with diploma in acting and musical
    • Impro Actress (TATWORT)
    • Business Trainer (ACADEMY 4 EXCELLENCE)
    • Agile Coach and Agile Change Manager (ACADEMY 4 EXCELLENCE)
    • Coach for presence, presentation, body language, personality and effect
    • Experienced role-player for Acs, DCs, seminar and forum theatre
    • Training and coaching in victim organisation and disaster counselling
    • Author of dialogue books and director of music
    • Voice-over actress for TV, cinema
    • 2-point method/ quantum healing/ family constellation (Jörg Tacke)
    • Abitur in psychology/pedagogy
    • Since 2005, freelancer at Vitamin T
    • “Of course you can bend over backwards to please the whole world. But you could also just keep on being authentic.”

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