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TRAINING ! Transfer starts by doing.
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Are you a personnel developer or trainer?
Are you looking for effective training in (non) verbal communication, team development, creativity, design thinking or personal image? Does sustainability lie close to your heart? If so, make lasting inputs with our experience-oriented learning concept! The participants benefit from our wealth of exercises from (improvisation) theatre. They can apply their learning immediately in realistic simulations. And they receive additional theory in digestible units
Seminar theatre real-play training of difficult performance reviews.
Hintergrund Grau
With our experience-oriented training formats …
above all we impart "do-how", not just "know-how" the transfer starts from the beginning, we carefully guide the participants to their limits, we give personal role-feedback that goes deeper, the participants can open up easier, we are flexible in terms of time - from 2 hours to 5 days.
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We are very well-acquainted with these training topics:
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Download the topic folder (only German version) TRAINING
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Making an impact
Giving and taking feedback in the right way
How to handle difficult people
Performance reviews
Acting single-mindedly
Mastering customer complains
Operate personality-type-appropriately with Insights ® Discovery
Body language
Design thinking intensive
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Download the topic folder (only German version) DESIGN THINKING
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