Hintergrund Grau
VitaminT emerged from the worlds of business and theatre in 1998.  
The multi-talented team of 16 is led by Elisabeth Ostermann and Markus Berg. We have continually and systematically developed and formed our didactics and methodologies. We work with living pictures and experience-orientated exercises, which move you - mentally, emotionally and physically. We offer our support in German, Swiss-German, French and English. Our topic partners complement us and our holistic solutions.
Hintergrund Grau
With our experienced team of many years' standing...
since 1998, we have completed over 1300 projects in 150 organisations from 20 sectors, we always offer tailor-made interventions, we have unusual and integrative ideas, we give personalised tips, rather than standard recipes, we understand your business, we work in a practical way, we work personally and individually.
Hintergrund Grau
VitaminT gives inputs: the trampoline jump making-of video
Hintergrund Grau
Download the topic folder (only German version) VitaminT
TEAM ! More than theatre.
Hintergrund Grau
Who belongs to VitaminTeam?
Hintergrund Grau
Which roles can VitaminT play in organizations?
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