ROLE PLAYERS ! For challenging role plays.
Hintergrund Grau Hintergrund Grau
Are you a personell developer, Trainer or service designer?
Do you design demanding training courses, assessments, training videos or prototypes in service design? And do you expect a professional role-player? Then use the diversity of our player team and their experience in negotiating, sales, leadership, purchasing or service experience. The players are well-practiced in the typical cases or become authentically acquainted in the individual cases of the participants and specific business scenarios.
Development-AC of senior management: "Giving bad news"
Hintergrund Grau Hintergrund Grau
We are very well-acquainted with these topics:
Hintergrund Grau
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With our professional skills in role-play and authorship...
we portray authentic counterparts we intentionally hit the red button we offer constant and comparable achievement we react flexibly towards our opposite number we even appear through the telephone we give sound feedback we embody different personality types we offer a wide choice of player characters
Giving bad news
Giving negative feedback
Challenging client discussions
Motivational disussions
Team discussions
Promotion discussions
Escalation discussions
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